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4 These Ways Can Help Relieve Tonsillitis

The most widely used way to deal with tonsillitis is surgery. But before deciding to operate, there are several ways you can do yourself at home to relieve tonsillitis, using natural ingredients. Inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils that can be caused by influenza viruses or Streptrococcus bacteria. Although painful and annoying, tonsillitis usually does not cause dangerous complications. Various Ways to Relieve Tonsitis Management of tonsillitis depends on the cause. Tonsillitis is characterized by symptoms such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, and enlarged and reddish tonsils. If there are no other conditions, tonsillitis usually will heal itself after 3-4 days. To relieve complaints and symptoms of tonsillitis, you can do the following methods: 1. Gargle with salt water Gargling with salt water can relieve sore throat in tonsillitis. You can mix ½ teaspoon of salt with ½ cup (120 ml) of warm water, as a mouthwash. 2. Consump
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Recognize the Causes and Ways to Overcome Navel Pain in Pregnant Women

In addition to the belly button that looks more prominent, some pregnant women may experience pain in the navel. Basically, belly button pain during pregnancy is not dangerous, but it certainly can interfere with the comfort of pregnant women. Navel pain is normal and can be experienced by pregnant women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Generally the navel pain will disappear by itself after pregnancy or six weeks after giving birth. Causes of Navel Pain during Pregnancy Navel pain during pregnancy can be caused by the following things: 1. Pressure on the uterus The main cause of belly button pain is increased uterine pressure. This happens because of an increase in fetal size and uterine size. 2. Stretching the skin and muscles As pregnancy increases, the skin and abdominal muscles of pregnant women will be increasingly stretched. Stretching on the skin can make pregnant belly buttons become sore and itchy. 3. Navel piercing Piercings on the navel can be one

4 Yoga Movements to Shrink the Stomach

Do you have a distended stomach problem? You can try yoga exercises to shrink the stomach. This exercise can help overcome your problem, so you can appear more confident. For those who are trying to shrink the distended abdomen, various yoga movements to shrink the stomach can be an option. Because this exercise is not only able to eliminate fat in the stomach, but also makes the body healthier, fitter and full of energy. A Series of Yoga Movements to Shrink the Stomach The reason yoga is an exercise choice or a way to shrink the stomach may be because some yoga movements can improve the health of the digestive tract and reduce gas in the digestive tract. By doing yoga, stress that can trigger an increase in the hormone cortisol which affects the accumulation of fat in the stomach can also be overcome properly. Yoga movements that can affect digestive health and reduce stress levels, one of which is the sitting motion (either cross-legged or straightened) then turns to the right